Dead Weight

Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve published a blog post, but that’s actually a good thing. The past month or so has been completely eye-opening for so many reasons. I’ve learned how to be me again. I feel that I’ve somehow become the best version of myself, though I’m not entirely sure howContinue reading “Dead Weight”

Candy Crush: Level 551

That is not a typo. As of today, I can (not so proudly) say that I’ve reached Level 551 on the most pointless yet entertaining app I’ve downloaded on my phone. *smiles awkwardly* I started playing after he left. That was five months ago now. Candy Crush was my pacifier (at least on the daysContinue reading “Candy Crush: Level 551”

They Might Be A Cheater If…

I had a shower thought today about all the red flags my soon-to-be-exhusband presented over the years that, looking back, I can see were obvious signs of cheating. Le Sigh. So for all of you fine people who aren’t sure if your partner is being a sketchball or just need a clue, read my listContinue reading “They Might Be A Cheater If…”

My Face is a Bloody Mess Part II

So I put myself through the torture again of getting microneedled. I’ve noticed the results and can’t deny that it makes me feel good when people compliment my skin, so I guess this is my way of practicing self care of the time being. “Kim Kardashian does this every three months,” my dermatologist reminded meContinue reading “My Face is a Bloody Mess Part II”