Women Appreciation

I am writing this post with love and empowerment pouring out of my fingertips. READ THIS NEXT PART TWICE: The people who you choose to surround yourself with after your D-Day is instrumental in your recovery.

I am blown away by the support I’ve been receiving by family, friends, colleagues and friendly internet strangers who follow my blog and @just_my_effing_luck Instagram account. I love and appreciate every single one of you.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t specifically acknowledge the strong women helping me through this shit journey that I’m on. Women at work who don’t know me well but know my story and rally around me. Women in my friend circles who take the time to listen to me, to cry with me and to check-in on me when they have their own shit to deal with: Marriages, young children, cancer, mental illness, school, work, personal drama of their own – you name it. Women in my family who know when to listen and stop asking questions. Specifically for family members, my grief is somewhat of a game because they never know what kind of mood I’ll be in at any given time, but they love me despite eye rolls, depressive episodes and snippy comebacks. Despite everyone’s own life stressors, these women continue to show up for me. They raise me up to a level of empowerment that I’ve never experienced. I can get through this. I will get though this. And I will come out of this better than ever before.

I’m evolving into a different woman because of their love. If I think about it too much, it actually brings me to tears – but the good kind this time. Nothing I could ever do will ever be enough to repay them. So, I will pay it forward at any chance I get. Every day. I will support women instead of tear them down. My husband’s affair partner tried doing that to me, but I choose to live in the mindset that light will always overcome darkness. I am untouchable to her because of this.

If I can give anyone going through this special kind of Hell one piece of advice it’s this: Be very careful with who you surround yourselves with. It can honestly make or break you. Be picky. Don’t settle – yes, even for unfulfilling friendships. When your gut is telling you to distance yourself, do it. And when you feel warm, welcomed and genuinely cared for, don’t let that person (or people) go.

If you don’t have a person like that in your life, you have me. Drop me an email and I promise to respond.

Going to bed with a smile on my face tonight, and that’s a damn good feeling. Maybe that is #justmyluck after all.

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